Hello Beautiful! Here’s what we know about you: you were born beautiful.

Hello Beautiful! Here’s what we know about you: you were born beautiful.

Hello Beautiful,

Here’s what we know about you: you were born beautiful. However, you haven’t always been told or shown how to honor and nurture your deeply-rooted beautiful self, soul, body or skin. 

A big part of Sassa Bella’s mission is to help with that. We know your innate beauty goes deeper than your skin and that your skin care routine affects the harmony and balance of your entire body. 

Your amazing skin absorbs what goes on it, like it’s food. That’s a gift itself, until you unknowingly put chemical laden skin care products on it because of hard to pronounce mystery ingredients. Say no to all the mystery ingredients and say yes to you. 

We believe that as the proverb says, “As you think, so you are”. Here’s what is true about you: you are naturally beautiful. You do not need to change yourself to be more beautiful. Know yourself and love yourself to let the beauty you were born with shine. 

Of course, here at Sassa Bella, we want you to know that loving yourself begins with self care, acceptance and a smile. Loving yourself by not applying chemicals to your skin covering up who you really are, but instead use pure, organic and simple ingredients so your feminine essence can radiate through. We think of our products as superfood for your skin which nourish your unique radiance!

We know it sounds simple to “love yourself” and we also know real life has a way of overcomplicating simple. The truth is, it is simple, but it’s also true that shame and pain often cover over the true things until they are hard to find. Your radiant beauty begins with your smile!

That’s why we’re here. We’ll keep reminding you of the simple, powerful truth right along with all the simple, powerful ingredients in our products. The more you think it, choose to believe it, the more it will become real in your life. 

We’re not just talking about positive thinking here, we’re talking about truth-thinking. Love your skin today and awaken your innate beauty.



Erin Taydus is the founder and creator of Sassa Bella. Sixteen years ago while busy working as an engineer, the sassafras plant interrupted her with a life altering ah-ha moment and she hasn’t looked back since. She delights in the fact that nature creates her products, her customers are her family and love is her legacy. She wants you to know love is your born inheritance. You are beautiful.
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