Our Story, You Matter

Our Story, You Matter

Our products were created to promote well-being, encourage a sense of inner harmony and enhance your own unique radiant beauty.
See how Sassa Bella has helped people just like you get amazing results for their skin needs:

About our Whole Line: “Safe Resource that Works for the Whole Family”
“We have a large family with a wide range of skin needs, Sassa Bella has worked for all of them. A resource with integrity and thoughtful research is exactly what I needed. As a mom I love knowing I’m not putting harmful chemicals on my family. I have seen amazing results personally using the ageless skin line. I feel like it lets my inner glow show, as it lets my skin breathe.” 

About our Ageless Skin Care: “Best Product!”
“I cannot rave enough about the Ageless Skin Vanilla Frankincense line. It is by far the best and most effective moisturizing product line I've ever tried in my 50+ years…I will be a loyal customer forever!” 

About our Clear Skin Care: “…Saved my Skin!”
“I wish I could sing from the mountain tops about how much I love Sassa Bella's clear skin line. I have tried everything for my acne over the years, from ProActiv to Acutane. NOTHING has helped. So when I heard about Sassa Bella, I was skeptical but thought I really didn't have much to lose…(Now using Sassa Bella) my skin is COMPLETELY CLEAR. NO acne. At all. This line is a miracle in a bottle. I couldn't recommend it enough!” 

About the Calm Skin Care: “Awesome Product!”
“I love this wash because it cleanses and softens my face, body, and hair. My scalp is no longer itchy and dry. I really love Sassa Bella products. I use the Calm Skin Face Care products and the results are amazing. My rosacea is calmed truly.” 

About our Shampoo: “Miracle”
“This shampoo is relieving redness/irritation, flakes on my scalp that I've had for decades. I've tried Head and Shoulders, medications, Neutrogena, Aveda, you name it. I love this (Sassa Bella) shampoo!” -Lori

About our Beautiful Recovery line: “Chemotherapy Rash Relief!!!”
“…chemo drugs, changes, a rash, dry skin. I have researched many lotions, many! Until I came across [Sassa Bella] Beautiful Recovery product line for your skin, and true to its nature only a little goes a long way. Love, love this item, they are the only products I put on my face, around my eyes! No irritation! Very hard to find a product for the face and scalp & around the eyes. Well, this is it! Wonderful. I will purchase again & again…” 

Erin Taydus and Family
The Woman Behind Sassa Bella
Hi, my name is Erin Taydus and I was busy working as an engineer when my life was transformed upon learning about the amazing all-natural, wonderfully scented, sassafras plant that also works as an effective insect repellent. 
I was captivated by the time honored tradition of Appalachian artisanship using sassafras in handcrafted soap and before I knew it an entire paradigm shift was initiated. My whole life began to quickly changed. 

Henry David Thoreau’s words came to life,  “We need the tonic of the wilderness. The ocean, the mountains, the deserts, a wooded grove...all contain the Magic needed to restore pure radiant energy to a stressed soul…There is good medicine to be found in nature. It is long lasting and heals the soul.”

What I Learned
What is applied onto our skin is absorbed into the skin. I began analyzing what I was putting on my own skin. It wasn’t as “healthy” as I had thought.
I thought I was buying the highest quality products for my skin, but I was wrong. Most of them were composed from ingredients that are inorganic—even toxic, hard to pronounce and understand, with no life in them at all.

What I Did About It
I knew I had to do something about it but found few truly pure alternatives and in some cases, no options at all. What began as a personal quest sixteen years ago has grown into Sassa Bella, an array of 100% all-natural, organic, lovingly handcrafted, skin care products for all skin types and specific needs, including your dog’s and horse’s.

What I Want You to Know
I am passionate about women knowing that their innate beauty is stunning. It gives me much joy to offer quality products that let your natural beauty shine—and takes care of you and your loved ones from head to toes. 

We are so confident that our products will meet your hopes and needs that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on anything you feel dissatisfied with. 

The fact that we are living what we are sharing and using what we are selling brings a powerful richness to our products. We are teaching our children to love their bodies and to see that the earth has been uniquely designed to help us do just that. 

We’re Here For You
Sassa Bella’s Deep Beauty Blog is here to be your guide to nurturing balance and harmony in your life, we want you to feel beautiful because you are beautiful.  

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Nature creates our products, our customers are our family and love is our legacy.

Sassa Bella’s pure, organic, skin care solutions go deeper than the skin so you can enjoy health and radiance! 

I’m so glad you are here. You matter to me.
Love, Erin Taydus 
Erin Taydus is the founder and creator of Sassa Bella. Sixteen years ago while busy working as an engineer, the sassafras plant interrupted her with a life altering ah-ha moment and she hasn’t looked back since. She delights in the fact that nature creates her products, her customers are her family and love is her legacy. She wants you to know love is your born inheritance. You are beautiful.