Sassa Bella - A Skin Care Company with a Mission

What we stand for! - You were born beautiful and our mission is to show you how to honor and nurture your deep-rooted beautiful self, soul, body and skin. We know your innate beauty goes deeper than your skin and that your skin care routine affects the harmony and balance of your entire body.

Products with Purpose! We've created our products to promote well-being, encourage a sense of inner harmony and enhance your own unique radiant beauty. They are for you, your friends and family, our farmers and our planet. When you use our products you are joining our cause and supporting our mission to change the world one skin care product at a time!

Ingredients Matter! Our skin care is formulated using the highest quality, organic, non-GMO, plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free, ingredients available that are both sustainable and renewable, so you look radiant and feel beautiful.

Choices Matter! Our health is integrally linked to the world around us so every facet of Sassa Bella revolves around making choices that are good for us and our planet. Our manufacturing principles are based on waste elimination, sustainability, and corporate citizenship. We always choose a philosophy of constant and never ending improvement!

Empowerment! - What makes you beautiful? You do not need to change your external self to be more beautiful. Beauty is a state of being we can all access and when you live Your Purpose, Embody Your Essence, Direct Your Thoughts and Smile, You create Radiant Beauty! You are radiantly Beautiful!

"Your smile is what makes you beautiful!" - Erin Taydus