Natural Matters

Natural Matters

Sassa Bella believes that 100% natural is of utmost importance in our health and the health of the environment. We are bombarded with toxic chemicals in the air we breath, water we drink, the food we eat and the products we put on our skin, and these chemicals add up. 

The body absorbs greater than 20% of what's applied to the skin. These chemicals affect your health and vitality and the health of the environment. Many skin care products have ingredients that are hard to pronounce and even toxic making it hard to make informed choices. Our goal is to provide products that are 100% Natural that nourish you and the world around you because Natural Matters!

Our Definition of Natural

Sassa Bella is earth-friendly, accountable and transparent with our product ingredients. We do not go for gimmickry nor step on bandwagons because they’re popular. Our commitment to being “100% Natural” is the real deal so we use the Natural Ingredient Resource Center (NIRC) as our standard.

NIRC - Natural Ingredients Criteria:

Natural Ingredients include plant, animal, mineral or microbial ingredients...present in or produced by nature

  • Produced using minimal physical processing.
  • Directly extracted using simple methods, simple chemical reactions or resulting from naturally occurring biological processes.

Natural ingredients are...

  • Grown, harvested, raised and processed in an ecological manner.
  • Not produced synthetically.
  • Free of all petrochemicals.
  • Not extracted or processed using petrochemicals.
  • Not extracted or processed using anything other than natural ingredients as solvents.
  • Not exposed to irradiation.
  • Not genetically engineered & do not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

 Natural ingredients do...

  • Not contain synthetic ingredients.
  • Not contain artificial ingredients including colors or flavoring.
  • Not contain synthetic chemical preservatives.