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Sassa Bella

Ageless Skin Care System

Ageless Skin Care System

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Ageless Skin Care System 
Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Light Cream and Hydrating Cream

For all skin types: Exceptionally well suited for dry, damaged skin, and aging skin.

Rejuvenating Skin Care

System directions:
AM - Cleanse, tone and moisturize.
PM - Cleanse, tone, serum (to needed areas) let soak in and moisturize.

Nourish your radiance with our Ageless Skin Care containing age-defying plant-based nutrients. Restores hydration, vitality, and suppleness for a youthful radiant glow. Experience the difference high-quality plant oils, botanicals and 100% pure essential oils make in your natural skin care routine. Rejuvenate the way you look and feel - naturally!

New Formula Highlights! 
Lovingly created from over two years of research and development
New packaging, more concentrated and pumps are sized for less waste
More Hyaluronic Acid
Organic Plant oil blend now includes Organic Goji Berry Oil & Moringa Oil 
Amazing New Smell
Fat soluble Vitamin C in the Ultra Hydrating Face Cream
Copious amounts of plant-based Vitamin A
Higher Concentration of Organic Plant and Essential Oils
New Powerhouse blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils: *Palmarosa, *Frankincense, *Copaiba, Elemi, *Sandalwood, *Patchouli, and *Ylang Ylang - *Organic  
Creams are moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating with out feeling greasy 
Plant-Based, Organic Ingredients, Non-Gmo, Vegan, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, and Cruelty-Free!
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