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Poison Ivy Jewelweed Spray 2 floz

Poison Ivy Jewelweed Spray 2 floz

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Poison Ivy - Jewelweed Spray - 2 floz (30ml)

Use: Exceptionally well suited to soothe the itchy skin from poison oak, ivy, sumac, nettle stings, bug bites, and heat rash.

Directions: Shake well! Spray on affected areas as needed to relieve itching. For best results, use in combination with Sassa Bella Poison Ivy Bar Soap.

Poison Ivy 
As spring leafs out along with the dogwood, the Astilbes, Dicentra, Iris and myriad other garden gems comes the ever-prolific poison ivy. It winds around the bases of the mixture of greens in perennial beds, up the bases of trees and slowly, ever-so-slowly, around a front porch here, a light pole there... One day you can yank it out and feel nary an effect, then suddenly - overnight - it comes to your attention in a swath of raging red, blistery itchiness that those days are forever behind you.

If you've always been allergic to poison ivy, or this is something new, the fact remains not catching it in time after it's brushed against your skin the oils in Poison Ivy will create a horribly uncomfortable situation you never want to repeat.

"Poison oak and ivy rashes are caused by potent urushiol oil. As little as one billionth of a gram of urushiol can irritate sensitive skin, and the oil stays active on unwashed clothes and dead plants for up to five years. If you think you've come into contact with poison ivy or oak, immediately wash your skin and clothes in cold, soapy water." (Nancy Phillips co-author of "The Village Herbalist")

We can Help! 
There are a variety of natural herbs and plants that can help your body cope with its wild reaction to the potent urushiol oil.

Ingredients - Poison Ivy Spray
Jewelweed Infusion (Water and Organic Wildcrafted Jewelweed), Organic Ethanol Alcohol and Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Helps with Bug Bites Too 

Lovingly made without the use of, petroleum products, preservatives, parabens, silicones, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde or GMOs.

100% Vegan
Made in the USA

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